Iridescent Custom Decals

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 These come in a pack of 3. Each pack comes with 3 different color changing sheets. 

We design the sheets, and squeeze in as many decals in multiple sizes as we can, on to each 12x12 sheet. We can send proofs before cutting. Each sheet can have different designs, feel free to email us if you need any help!


  • Monogram order (first name initial/last name initial/middle name initial. Example: Jane A. Smith would translate to "JSA"
  • Design: We offer a variety of design options for your decals, including but not limited to horses, dogs, unicorns, custom logos, shapes, etc.


Quality outdoor vinyl rated for up to 5+ years. 

Application Instructions: Cut to size, clean area with rubbing alcohol where you'll place decal.

  1. brandish with credit/gift card on front and back
  2. peel the clear tape away from paper backing (your decal will be adhered to the clear tape)
  3. Apply decal to a clean, dry surface
  4. brandish again while the tape is still on the item you put your decal on, making sure to push any air bubbles to the sides
  5. slowly peel the transfer tape back, starting in a corner and pulling in a diagonal direction.


Helpful Hints

  • Clean the surface where you want to put the decal with rubbing alcohol. This will remove oils from fingerprints, and any residue, giving your decal a clean surface to stick to.
  • When applying decals to drink ware, always hand-wash to encourage the longevity of your decal. DO NOT WASH IN THE DISHWASHER
  • If needing to get a centered decal, Google the "hinge" method